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DMS Tech introduced online wireless technology to turnstiles

Turkcell and DMS Tech announced an alliance to apply online wireless technology (GSM and SMS) for access control in Bilisim 2000 fair.

Bilisim Fair is the most important and intense participated IT Fair, and it is a CEBIT event. Turkcell is the leading GSM operator and main sponsor of the fair. Turkcell wants database of the mobile phone owners using its network who are close to technology, in order to use for promotional and marketing purposes. So, mobile phone owners attending the fair were recorded.

Istanbul based DMS Tech, will be the provider of mobile phone controlled turnstiles and its data management system. 10 of 25 turnstiles worked with Turkcell operated mobile phones of participants for their free access. More than 80,000 mobile phone owners were participated.

DMS Tech developed turnstile controller working with mobile phone calls or SMS messages. The product is abbreviated as TC/GSMS. The controllers are connected to a PC to add the caller ID in a database.

Mobile phone owners using Turkcell network simply call a short number in front of turnstile to get free access to the fair. Turnstile allows the caller and ID is recorded. The callers also have a chance to get promotions during their visits and in the future.

Simply put, Turkcell engages consumers interactively at the entrance of the most important fair of the year.

Turnstile Products

Turnstile products are special version of our electromechanical device controller range. There are 3 main usage categories: Stand-alone turnstiles, Wired Networked turnstiles, Wireless networked turnstiles. Activation systems are mobile phones GSM call, GSM-SMS, fingerprint, magnetic card, proximity card, smart card, ..., and any combination.

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About DMS Tech Ltd.

DMS Tech is a project company, designing and producing hardware and software on wireless communications. It has technological developments and applications in this area.

GSM network solution provider DMS Tech,

  • Developed FPIOBox for Fingerprint Time & Attendance.
  • Developed a product in GPS area that got the first developed national product award from Turkcell / CorBuss.
  • Market leader in Intelligent Online Vending. Unattained credit card sales achieved with VM-POS/C, and m-commerce with VM-POS/GSMS.
  • Develops protocol converters, gateways supporting protocols that are common and widespread in the Banking and Finance sector.

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Online Wireless Vending
DMS Tech developed an online wireless vending system for a project for Pepsi. Project assets consist of Dixie Narco Series 90 (DN368 and DN440) vending machines. The developed mobile VMPOS system is an end-to-end solution for remote controlling of vending assets.
Cellular as entry ticket
Turkcell and DMS Tech announced an alliance to apply online wireless technology (GSM and SMS) for access control in Bilisim fair.
DMS-OS is announced
DMS-OS is a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). It is specialy designed for all third party users who want to develop their own applications on the hardware form DMS Tech.

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